Code of Conduct

Every P4iN member must be respectful to another P4iN member. This is a gaming network that is totally a ZERO TOLERANCE for bullying. If He/She is bullying another member they would receive a warning. Then if the bullying continued it would result into termination from the gaming community. NO RAGE quitting in middle of games especially during practices and tournaments!   No harrasment ,boosting, cheating, hacking, etc on any game.  Show up to scheduled practices on time unless if you report to one of the leaders if you can't attend. If a member fails to report to a leader within the Chief of Staff of command or the P4iN Absent List report it will be a strike one.  HE/SHE continues to have a " No Call No Show" they would receive up to a maxium of 3 strikes and they would be terminated from P4iN Global. He/She says they can't attend a practice and they are online and in another game session that would fall into an automatic termination. If another gaming community bash talks  we can't go on and bash talk back.  Respect the Chief of Staff of P4iN your leaders. Be polite the best as you can. Most importantly and lastly understand The P4iN Global of Conduct.